How Does it Work?

Whether you've come with a recommendation or have searched us out; have a detailed plan, or just a vague concept, get in touch and we'll walk through at your pace. 
[Email] is best for sharing images and thoughts in a way that can be referenced throughout the process, and is not easy to lose... Click prior link or copy/paste
Phone calls generally fail to fully communicate ideas and scale, and until an assistant is in the budget, are best limited to scheduling, changes and such. The shop number is 518-326-0466 We're here intermittently due to our schedules and roles as parents. Try for 12-8:00 during most of the week, and if we're not tattooing we'll pick up the phone. Messages will be returned ASAP


Nothing substitutes for an in-person consultation between client and artist. In some situations it's not practical, and when folks must travel a great distance, we'll phone/email it in. When possible, a fifteen to thirty minute consult is often enough to answer everyone's questions, and start the process of drawing and tattooing. 


Deposits are a necessary evil. I require a $100 deposit for most work, which is subtracted from the final cost of the tattoo. Once the deposit is made, it is non-refundable, except under extraordinary circumstances.  

Does it Hurt?



Good Manners

We really do try.