Jesse Has Left the Building

I've flown south for the summer... 

Not the entire summer. Not even the entire month of June. I'm in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the next two weeks, (in Vermont that is the average length of summer) doing a guest spot at Aces High Tattoo. If you happen to find yourself in the area, look me up here: Aces High Tattoo, 704 Seaboard Street, Myrtle Beach, SC. [843]839-1262  

south_carolina_tripping_ - 4.jpg
south_carolina_tripping_ - 3.jpg
Guest-artist-ing at Aces High, June 1-15 

Guest-artist-ing at Aces High, June 1-15 

south_carolina_tripping_ - 16.jpg


There is a lizard on this post for no reason.

I'll be working both weeks from Tuesday to Sunday, 12-9:00 (6:00 Sun.) Drop in, call ahead, email, whatever. Hope to see some familiar faces!

I'll be back in Albany after the 15th, although I do not have a definite return date. I'll keep this site posted with updates.