Way Back When...AKA, "How Long Have You Done Tats"?

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Pencil & Paper – 1992

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In the Beginning...

Starting in the Nineties...

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Body Art Tattoo

Burlington, VT 1994

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Sitting in the waiting room...

We were blessed with space to spare. 

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In my office at Body Art circa 1994-5



Moving on and out...

I spent awhile on the left coast and stops in between. Seattle 1999-2001 – the records got lost in the melee. Little or none exist for CT and much time in VT as well. Some perhaps for the better...

Inside Bozeman's Tattoos in the Alley, RJ Rosini's original MT shop. Old friends: Adam, Lunchbox, and Joker.

RJ Rosini's "Tattoos in the Alley". Absolutely the smallest shop I've ever worked in, and still loads of fun. 

RJ Rosini's "Tattoos in the Alley". Absolutely the smallest shop I've ever worked in, and still loads of fun. 




Big Sky friends – Bozeman, Montana–1998ish 

Big Sky friends – Bozeman, Montana–1998ish 

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First time using color on a "client", my girlfriend at the time, Anna.


Color #1

My own left calf/practice skin. An awkward piece, with many breaks due to cramped legs and hips. Somewhat faded today, but still there 26 years on.

Burlington Vermont, 1992

Tattoos #1-21ish were made in the kitchen of our punk-reject flophouse at 27 Green St, Burlington Vermont. We had the second floor and attic, with up to nine kids living there at any given time. Through friends, I met my original mentors about 1992. I was 15 going on 25. "Vampire" Marc Degeralamo, Mel May, Toni Patnode, Jeff Lambert, and Vicky Lucier were the first teachers I had, before shops could open legally in Vermont.

That wouldn't come until 1994-96, which led to the first legal VT shop: The Dream Zone, on St Paul Street. There I met Pearl Merrow and James "Shamus" Parker, and took over a room there when an artist–and dear friend–had to leave abruptly. 


Black & Grey Number One  

On Rob Dix: OG Body Piercer circa 1992

Only Shamus and I stuck it out after Dream Zone burned in 1994, and we opened Body Art Tattoo on Main Street later that year. 

Little sis hard at work. 

Little sis hard at work. 

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Bozeman MT

RJ Rosini's Tattoos in the Alley

Josh Cause, many moons back, with one of my originals. 

To be Continued...