Joined Forces like Voltron

I've been absent from this page for a moment, distracted a bit by happenings, but I'll rectify that now. 

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Iron Bridge Tattoo

December 28 2017 | January 31 2018

Sadly the Iron Bridge Tattoo is on ice. Closed for business, and everything that could be uninstalled, has been. I was fond of the little place, and I invested even more time than I did dollars, but couldn't waste more time moving on. Maybe I'll resurrect the name one day. 

As you may have noticed around the site, I've joined up with Josh Riley at his space in Watervliet, and we've been busy fixing up the place. We've overhauled the interior, reorganized, moved my gear in, and done it all without shutting down for a day. Reopening as Seventh Sense Studio for this spring, we're both happy with the way this all settled out. 

We're both on the same page with our views of what a tattoo studio should be, and what one should offer its clientele. Josh and I will be working together to deliver the best tattoos in the most clean, comfortable and inspiring environment we can create. Please do not hesitate to offer criticisms and suggestions, we know there is always room to grow. 

For now we are just stoked to be making cool tattoos for great people. 

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Give us a ring sometime at 518-326-0466, drop a note through the contact page or just drop by: 628 3rd Ave., Watervliet NY. 

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