Hello and Goodbye...?

I am sad to say that this iteration of Iron Bridge Tattoo may be very short-lived. Due to Albany County's ownership of the property beneath the shop, and their impending eviction of the building owner, I will most likely be folding up and moving the business. Even if there's a chance I could prevail in any legal challenge, which I believe is unlikely given my third-party status, this is a battle I'm not prepared to burn energy and resources fighting. I was aware there could be a situation like this, but the potential seemed distant and small. I wasn't fully informed. 

The universe can be a cruel mother, but she does seem to offer opportunities as she takes others if you're fortunate enough. I have a tentative solution already at hand, and so I'll gratefully include myself in that category. This will involve partnership with another artist, which could prove beneficial for us both. I'll lose some of my investments into the space on Kenwood Ave., permit fees and such, but I'll likely recoup or recycle the majority of what I've spent. 

At this moment I haven't made a final decision, but it's most likely that I'll follow this opportunity in order to cause the least disruption to my clients and to make the most out of a poor situation. This is the most viable possibility right now, as the startup cash I would need to open in another location exceeds what I have on hand, and I do not wish to borrow money. Additionally, the time required to get even a near turn-key location opened would take me out of operation too long. 

I will continue to build and use this website to promote my tattooing, spread my art to a greater audience,  and communicate with my clients and fans. Check in here for updates, and feel free to email me or call/text (802)557-2633 until further notice. 

Thank you all for everything, I will stick the landing on this trick too.