Beginning to See the Light

I finally have one station completely assembled! From a mechanical standpoint, everything is in place and operable. The water lines and drain are in and all but running. Further upstream the hot and cold water lines were cut off, possibly after the lines became frozen and blew open under a prior tenant. After fixing the split copper line, I rebuilt the rest of it, and soldered in adapters to connect PEX the rest of the way back to the source


One Down.

One to go.

I'll be building concrete countertops in the coming weeks, but there are fully functional stand-ins for the moment. These came as a free 14' section of laminate counter just resting on top of the counter. 

Now that I've put the finishing touches on the wall paint, and the cabinets are being done as I build parts for them, I began work on the back two rooms. The utility room which will house cleaning/sterilizing gear is coming along, although it was a disaster to begin with. I've had to replace the plumbing, from the water meter to the faucets, as almost all of it was poorly installed and leaking or burst. 

Electrical has been almost as much fun, and definitely more confusing. The knucklehead before me even wired two completely different circuits into one another, creating an extremely dangerous situation for an unsuspecting user. After untangling that, and deciphering the decades worth of different wiring setups, I've begun cleaning up and overhauling the power system to make it as safe and reliable as possible. 


The two old 48" fluorescent fixtures and their dim, eye-killing green glow were gleefully torn down, and in their place are two high-efficiency LED units–a huge improvement. 

I think it's time to start moving some furniture in...