The space is coming together!


There's a point in every tattoo, but especially the larger pieces, where I finally make the turn to see that it's going to work. Until then there's a lingering doubt sitting on my shoulder and chiding me that I won't pull it off. Always the doubt that it will pull together as I have it envisioned. 

I love what I do with a passion–enough that it keeps me single–but there's some labor to it. There's the concept, which can also be some work, then there's the sometimes tedious work of hammering it in. Somewhere in the middle of all the blood, sweat and tears–those I inflict too–the hill is finally crested, and I can see the finished piece becoming real.

That has been the reality of building another tattoo shop. I've had a little experience, so that does breed some confidence, but I've always worked with others, and some things, especially dealing with the bureaucracy of governments, and the organization of paperwork, I am not terribly skilled at. 

Now I can finally see the shop coming together into a place where I can create my very best work, and give my awesome clients the experience they deserve when they come to be tattooed.


Looking Home-y

The little place cleaned up pretty nicely. 

There remains a lot to be done, but now I can see this all paying off. All of those skipped takeout meals at work, skipped movies, scrimping and saving, and advanced planning are paying out handily. That, and doing 100% of the work myself has made this possible on a budget I thought was half of what I needed to put away. 

Most importantly, even before I was confident in this all coming together, I had the full support of my clients, friends, and fellow tattooers. Community support is priceless. 

If nothing unexpected bars it, I hope to be able to open in the first weeks of December. I'll be busting ass 16+ hours a day until then. I thank my clients for their continued patience, and promise to reward that in spades. 

I'm stoked. See you all very soon.