Combining Forces

Seventh Sense Studio is a partnership between veteran tattooer and ex-pat Vermonter Jesse Fowler and original owner and longtime Albany/W'vliet tattooer Josh Riley. 

After Josh's partner moved on to follow his own path, and Jesse lost his studio to an unscrupulous landlord, joining forces was a no-brainer. Both share a strong sense of purpose for the art and craft of tattooing, and expect to give clients the very best tattoos in a comfortable setting that inspires creativity. Both also recognize the brilliance, raw truths and artistic quality of early and second-wave hip-hop to be far superior to the shallow and repetitious Autotune products of today. 

Check out the work on our folio pages, give a call or email, or just drop in to see us. 


 Alex "Doc" S. – Newly minted PhD, and hallucinogenic plant enthusiast. Work in progress. ~Jesse

Alex "Doc" S. – Newly minted PhD, and hallucinogenic plant enthusiast. Work in progress. ~Jesse


In the beginning... Twenty-one years ago, in Jesse's first shop:  Body Art Tattoo, Burlington, Vermont. 

Business Hours

628 3rd Ave. Watervliet, NY 12189 

518-326-0466 [shop]

802-557-2633 [Jesse-cell]

Jesse: Tuesday – Saturday 12 - 8
Josh: By Appointment
*Hours and days open subject to change without notice*
email to schedule a consult or appointment. 


Jesse's rate is $150 per hour, although as always there is a consideration for very large work. 

A minimum $100 deposit will be required for any appointments made, with this deducted from the last sitting. 

Future artists, guests and permanent, will be free to set their own rates.  


Seventh Sense is not accepting credit cards at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience. Josh does, however accept various digital payments, and Jesse will leave his Mennonite ways behind one day...

**edit** Jesse can accept PayPal, personally, and is working on a business account.